Friendly reminder that Sherlolly is still a cishet white couple and is less progressive than Johnlock, unlike what some people seem to think <3

Friendly reminder that trolling other people’s preferred ship, no matter what type of relationship or sexuality it represents, still makes you a bit of a jerk, and less progressive than people having their ship/preferred sexuality judged, unlike what some people seem to think. <3

Social justice warriors trying to accuse people of thoughtcrime now if you ship a het couple. O_o

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I feel like I’m getting more and more attached to Sherlolly. I can’t help it!!! This ship is just so original and never seen before. I know I love Mary but tbh John is quite horrible, instead Sherlolly is just perfect!! And so real as well! Totally real in the show and this is why I like it so much!

As well as the fact that we’ve never seen a relationship like Sherlolly before! Yay!

Troll alert guys. Just read some of the blog itself.

Taadaaaaaahh…another one to add to the collection.

so seriously hyped for next month!! it’s like my birthday present…3 days early!!!!

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